“Have You Noticed”


Written by: Deborah Alexander, CEO

Have you noticed how things can change in an instant? But rather than ask have you noticed? there’s another question that you can ask, but we won’t get to that until later.
Changes can occur in our health, jobs, finances, relationships, homes,
& whatever other ways you can add to the list.
Please allow me to switch gears momentarily in order that I may bring to life my point.
I have always been visually impaired but in high school and thereafter I refused to accept the change of my eyesight.
I went to school for Nursing Assistant and did that for 20 years until it became harder and harder to conceal the fact that I was now legally blind.
Moving forward I got sick, was out on disability and had to change jobs because my Dr. said due to herniated discs found in my lower back and neck I had to find another job.
Now can you imagine what I’m now up against, being legally blind, have disc locations that are creating issues and to top it off now out of work.
Well soon after leaving my Nursing assistant job to which I so loved, I was blessed to be hired as an Activities assistant.
It was 7 years into my doing activities that I got sick several times and had to be hospitalized until they finally found out that I had an overactive Thyroid that went bilestic.
My job decided that because I was getting sick so much that it was time for me to move on with my benefits.
I know you’re probably reading this and thinking Wow!
And I guess you can also imagine how I was feeling.
I’m sure some would say that I had every right to be discouraged, mad, angry, fearful or wherever word you choose. Yes indeed I felt a few of those but mostly fearful because I now thought what kind of job can I possibly get with all that is going on with me.
I was one who worked out at the gym 6 days a week and had to Stop…
This was really taking a toll on me. I can’t work or workout, well what am I suppose to do?
Okay lets get ready to park as I share how I went from the whoa is me lane to slow start driving lane.

God took my love for walking to inviting others to walk, to starting a walking group to starting a. NJ Non-Profit Organization.
Now I need you to hear me and know that I’m still legally blind, not working, (I’m retired) still have herniated discs and some other added medical issues.
However, I’m still here and through it all I’m blessed. I realized as long as I keep my foot on the gas pedal of EFFORT God will lead me to the road of my next lifes chapter.

In life CHANGE is enevitable but here is the question to ask of yourselves, how will I deal with the change? Will I take the whoa is me road or the PUSH the pedal of EFFORT road whereas God will lead you to your next destination.


In Reflection

In reflection of our Saturday, June 8, 2019
Financial Literary Workshop with facilitator
Mr. Rick Black.
All I can say is if you missed it then you missed it.
We had an amazing, informative great time. What people often have to pay for Mr. Rick Black who is a Multi-faceted financial Executive donated his gift of time to our organization to bless those who participated.
Also a huge shout out of thanks goes out to East Orange Campus High School
Counselor Ms.Bridget Jackson who helped us in getting
the two students who came out and volunteered their time to assist.

Much love thanks and appreciation goes out to our Outreach coordinator: Heidi Williams, Treasurer: Jackie Allen, Activity Assistant: Cheroll Tait, and our members Mother Love, Barbara Jackson, and James Bennett.

My family who is always there to lend a helping hand where need be.

My sister Nina Alexander Mighty, my son Jerry Alexander-Dumas and my daughter Dienetrius Alexander.

We are also thankful to Elmwood United Presbyterian Church,

Pastor Maria Norales- Crompton, Mr. Bill Brown and Robinson.

” Why Can’t We Be Friends”

I’m trying to understand that myself, but in all actuality that is a question that can only be answered individually.
This question popped into my spirit this morning and I wanted to address it on different avenues if you will.
I can only tell you my definition of a friend is one who is there in all seasons and in all kinds of weather.
Basically meaning they love you when you’re right they love you when you’re wrong.
They’re there when you mess up and when you succeed and most importantly for me they are there for you in sickness and in health. They have no problem with telling you how they truly feel whether or not you get mad at them or not they’re still your friend.
Having said all of that it brings me to my basic Point as to why people feel that men and women cannot be friends.
What is the big difference if you have female friends as
a female and male friends as a male why can’t you have both?
People have the tendency to believe that once you’re in a relationship your friendships with the opposite sex should stop and cease.
I seriously beg to differ because a friend again is a friend.
I say all of this to say that if you have that all weather, every season your ride or die friend do not give them up.
Be that friend that you want to have. Whether you’re in a relationship or not still be that friend that reaches out, that makes time to get together and who is there with you when you need to vent or whatever the case may be.
I added a line to the lyrics of the song by War “Why Can’t We Be Friends”
The color of your skin, your gender or different-ability don’t matter to me as long as we can live in love & harmony.
At Visionary Trail Blazers Inc we are all about seeing beyond the distance and going the extra mile in all that we do.
I now CHARGE you to See beyond the skin color, the gender or the different abilities & go the extra mile
to be that friend that you want to have.