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What Does Your *E* Stand For?

What Does Your *E* Stand For?

That is something we all have to answer individually, however, as for us our *E* stands for EFFORT, Energy & Encouraging but of the three effort stands out.
I want to encourage all do not let your different ability as we like to say stop you from putting forth the effort to achieve a future dream, your goal or something that you just want to do.
Yes it may be hard, scary, difficult but guess what in the long run it will be so worth it.
I challenge you to challenge yourself to do a baby step effort project.
So what this will entail is for you to start small.
Let’s start with 3 days and gradually increase by 1-day once you completed your 3 days.
For example if you want to eat right, eat less, do more exercise, save money or whatever the case is start out with three days be it Monday, Wednesday or Friday or Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday Etc.
As for me I need to do more exercising, therefore, every hour I get up and do 5 minutes of walking and in the evening time I’ll do 10 minutes of an exercise regiment.
Also as an author I need to get more writing in so I try to do at least a half an hour of writing if not a day every other day.
And a challenge to save more money I am presently doing the $5 challenge whereas every time you get a $5 bill you throw it into a box and at the end of the year whatever you have is what you saved.
By now I’m quite sure you get the gist so I am hoping that you will take heed and challenge yourself in every way possible.
But most importantly challenge yourself to do something that you know you cannot do without putting in the EFFORT to do it and you will be so proud once you have accomplished it.
Remember Effort does pay off especially when you put in the Effort.
May you join us and encourage someone else by Sharing this info.

Question, what does your *E* stand for?