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Visionary Trail Blazers Inc.


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About Us

We are an Organization of Visually Impaired Persons who desire to “SEE BEYOND THE DISTANCE & GO THE EXTRA MILE” in all that we do.

Mission Statement:To encourage individuals to get healthy and to stay fit by exercising regularly their mind, body & spirit, and to develop and keep a healthy attitude for overall total wellness.

We share our thoughts and feelings while maintaining a Positive outlook. We encourage participation in group activities, the celebration of milestones, goals, and achievements with each other. We desire to be a Strong support system in difficult times.

Mission Purpose: Our Purpose is to Give Back to our community through the means of resources, time, activities, and our Vision Acceptance Program. Although we are Visually Impaired we welcome all others who may be differently-abled.

For further information on us or our programs please feel free to contact us.

Please note that your “Donation” no matter the amount will help us to continue to grow our programs and obtain a building home.

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